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HQ Intelligent is a leading enterprise that provides effective solutions of automation and information-based systems for transportation applications. HQ Intelligent is dedicated to improving the means and experience of transport and delivering core value to customers.

HQ Intelligent has developed a great variety of high-tech products such as on-board passenger information system (On-board PIS), train control and remote diagnosis system, train network control system for the high-speed railway, metro, intercity railway, urban railway, modern tramcar and normal-speed railway, metro ground passenger information system (Ground PIS) etc. Thanks to high safety, high reliability and low-consumption green technology, the products are well recognized in both domestic and foreign markets, earning widespread appraisal and recognition among people from various walks of life and boosting Huaqi brand image and reputation.

With the vision to “Establish the industry model and lead the industry future to create the world famous brand in transportation automation and information systems”, HQ Intelligent has fostered the corporate culture of “High Ambition, Eternal Innovation, Impeccable Integrity, Quick Response, Team Work and Long Solidarity”, thus embracing continuous innovation and excellence with every possible support to usher a new era of superior automation & information-based products in transportation.



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