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苏州福而格电子材料有限企业,隶属FROG INTERNATION LTD.    是一家专业从事新材料研发、生产、销售电子材料、保护膜、胶粘制品、五金产品以及周边设备的进出口企业。    



苏州企业选址位于苏州高新区,最快化服务区域内众多集中的客户群体。 以东莞和苏州两大生产企业,主力研发、生产保护膜和五金配件等核心产品,加工设备齐全,严格的生产环境和加工条件,检测手段完善,质量体系严谨。


客户群体:先后为,苹果、小米、JBL、AMAZON、东芝、GoPro、OPPO、夏普 空客、波音、浪琴等客户提供产品服务。 业务范围:中国、美国、新加坡、越南、泰国、印尼、马来西亚等。     



Suzhou Frog Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of FROG INTERNATION LTD., Is an import and export company specializing in the research, development, production and sale of new materials, electronic materials, protective films, adhesive products, hardware products and peripheral equipment.

After continuous equipment update, capacity expansion and R & D innovation, it has now developed into a professional service company with more than 100 products.

The location of the Suzhou company is located in the Suzhou High-tech Zone, and it has many concentrated customer groups in the fastest service area. Based on the two major production companies in Dongguan and Suzhou, the company mainly develops and produces core products such as protective films and hardware accessories. It has complete processing equipment, strict production environment and processing conditions, perfect testing methods and strict quality system.

At present, there are more than 150 employees, and there are hardware processing equipment in the production workshop: 197 sets (automatic lathes, punches, SMT packaging machines, CNC, CCD, etc.), 4 coating machines, (micro concave, OCA nitrogen protective film, etc.) Products are used in: electronics, electrical appliances, communications, aviation, medical and other fields.

Customer group: Provide products and services to customers such as Apple, Xiaomi, JBL, 亚马逊, Toshiba, GoPro, OPPO, Sharp Airbus, Boeing, Longines and so on. Business scope: China, the United States, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

Business philosophy: responsibility, passion, innovation

Our aim: treat products professionally, treat customers sincerely, treat business with integrity.



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